Mother and Child Reunion

As an update to my earlier post, I am pleased to report that the fawn who was under the deck, on the rocks, earlier this afternoon, has gotten her legs and has left the nest (aka underdecking of our home). Around happy hour time, possibly later, the mother deer appeared to reunite with her young. It was an unaccustomed sight, though no less endearing, to see the young one nursing. I can’t help but think that there was some kind of animal ESP at play, as the mother deer chose our patch at which to nurse her offspring back to health, perhaps sensing that a sympathetic mother/daughter duo are residing therein. After that bonding moment had taken place, it took some time for the mother and baby to navigate themselves out of our yard; ultimately, they did and it was good to see them on their way. It is my contention that the suburbs are no place for deer, and this has been proven once more.  Whatever the case, I am glad to see that mother and child are back together, given the uncertain situation this afternoon. If I were a writer of children’s books I am sure that today’s observations could very well form the backdrop of a heartwarming tale. I am not, but I will say that I am glad to see both mother and child doing well, and together once more.

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2 Responses to Mother and Child Reunion

  1. nighthawk says:

    Awwww… sweet! The fawn is adorable, and the best part is that she was not injured. I am happy that mom and baby were able to find their way out of your yard.

  2. Cully Bryant says:

    Disregard my question concerning what happened to the fawn! Guess I should have read further.

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