Crash and Burn

Well, this the first posting with my new laptop. I am hesitant to imbue any object with talismanic properties, but I have a feeling that this computer will be a good writing instrument for me, if only because 1) it was easy to install Microsoft Office suite and 2) the keyboard allows me to really fly while typing–a requirement–unlike the previous rose-gold colored Asus ultrabook that I owned for a whopping three weeks until it went dead as a doornail. I suppose it is a good thing that I never got around to transferring my files to that one, given the brief time that I had it. Rosie (short for rose gold, no relation to the riveter as it was not sturdy) was a sleek computer, though I have sworn off of the ultraboooks, at least until some of the bugs get worked out. For anyone who is interested in the techy details, my new laptop is the HP with Beats Audio (TM). Of course, I am now planning my next acquisition to complement this laptop–the HTC Beats Audio Earphones in black/red finish. I rationalize that these are really more of a fashion accessory, not to mention a big step up from the plasticky ipod earbuds.

What is it about technology that makes even late adopters, such as myself, crave the next new thing, complete with the attendant bright and shiny add-ons? This laptop purchase was out of necessity, as my Dell was whirring along and needed to be plugged in at all times. I suppose that with any purchase that is shiny and new, one feels compelled to step it up in terms of the complimentary accessories. I’ll admit that I am more comfortable in the world of fashion, where high-low mixing is encouraged, and elements from various seasons can be combined. Odd that ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ is the mantra for things that add beauty to our lives (clothes, books, jewelry, etc.) but in the case of electronics consumers are urged to shuck off the old technology, much like a snake sheds its skin. The fact is, these devices are not built to last. And, given how difficult it is to expunge data from the old devices, this is a time-consuming, inconvenient proposition. As it is, my dinosaur of a Dell is still chilling out, as I am loath to get rid of it–if only because I’m still not certain if my new laptop will have as short of a shelf life as Rosie. I will keep my readers posted. If nothing else, I will have a convenient excuse for the gaps between my postings here…not that I am looking for excuses.

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3 Responses to Crash and Burn

  1. nighthawk says:

    I love your on point take on technology. I still have an Apple IIe languishing in the basement, with the idea that I can connect it all up, including the big floppy disks, and play Cross Country USA. There is also the problem of ridding oneself of these devices once they have tanked or been replaced by the latest, shiniest, fastest. My stash of yellow no. 2 pencils and hand held pencil sharpener are still my fallbacks. Oh, and lookout for Windows 8 coming later this year!

  2. View from A Broad says:

    Good luck with your latest technological acquisition. Given your past experience, I’m not surprised that you’re holding on to your Dell. What I dread is the constant “updating” of software. I was very happy with XP but had to have Windows Vista on my new computer so a number of programs (particularly those for my antique digital camera) don’t work. My laptop has Windows 7. A friend has Microsoft Works on her computer and can’t read any documents. Another friend can only read documents saved as Word 97. What a Tower of Babel! Keep up your entertaining and thought provoking blogs.

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