Piling On

It is no secret that I’ve been stressed out these last couple of weeks. Between packing up to move and the fact that the humidity of these past few days has conspired to keep me from my running (yes, I know I could do indoor exercises) I am feeling as tightly wound as a spring, to use an overworked turn of phrase. My worries seem to go in a loop. If it is not a worry about packing boxes, then it is a worry about my finances and what essentials I will be packing in my open me first box, or the underlying concern that I lack some essential quality needed to make a comfortable, inviting home inspired by pages from an Elle Décor magazine spread–May 2012 issue featuring blue and white living rooms–even once I’ve settled (define that word how you will). I’ll point out here that my worry about being settled is founded, as I am still sifting through the fallout of various address changes that have taken place from 2002-date. This came to light yesterday when I ordered a pair of headphones online with my Chase credit card, only to find out that they had my billing address from my old apartment in Chicago on file, even after I had called them to change it. Oh, and did I mention that my neighbors were letting off fireworks last night, not even the pretty, sky-illuminating variety, but popping sounds more evocative of a war torn country.

Against this backdrop, it is with some degree of relief that I ran across two news stories, in separate outlets, that confirmed, or at least provided some glimmer of hope, about my life choices. As one who is prone to seeking validation from external sources, this came as something of vindication. The first item came about in a roundabout fashion. I was perusing jonathanadler.com, in a frantic bid to find a lampshade that would make a blue ceramic table lamp base look more upmarket, when I stumbled across Kim France’s picks for Jonathan Adler. I was pleased to see this mention, after all these years, as Kim France was the editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, formerly one of my go-to sources for shopping and fashion inspiration. I had heard rumblings that Kim France had left her post as editor-in-chief to start a new blog “Girls of a Certain Age.” Her comments were candid as was her refreshing take on her new life (who knew she started, then abandoned her memoir before turning to blogging?) For more, please see this NYT article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/31/fashion/kim-france-former-lucky-editor-turns-blogger.html?_r=1

Since stumbling on the above article late last week, I have messaged Kim France. I would give anything to contribute to her blog or get more insight into her path from magazine editor to full-time blogger. I have not heard back, though a response from her would lift my spirits and give me the inspiration that I need at this time (Kim, or her assistant(s): if you are reading this, please consider this a blanket appeal).

Also from the clean slates/new beginning files came a report on Bloomberg TV last week that more people are actually quitting their jobs than getting fired (aka the ‘shove it’ indicator). This story especially resonated with me, not so much because I was a confident quitter—to use a term from the report—but because I knew that I could not continue along the same course, especially given the upheavals of the past year. I have enjoyed my time out this past year, including volunteering, reading, and traveling (highlights included a trip overseas, to the UK). Hearing that others have taken time away gives me hope that my break has served to prime me for what is now in front of me (and believe me, it is a lot!)

Overall, the tone of both of these news stories is optimistic—that it is never too late to turn the page. To say that there is not a certain level of stress inherent in the process is to ignore a significant portion of change. I would have liked to have seen this aspect explored in more detail by the reporters, as growth cannot occur without a level of discomfort. Judging from that, I should be seven feet tall! With that I will leave my readers. I hope to check in periodically these next few weeks before I move. If I do not, know that I am feverishly packing boxes, with the carrot being that I will never (bold, italic, underscore) be moving from my new home again. After all, I am certain that it will take me at least another ten years to get it ready for its close-up in Elle Décor but hopefully a shorter time to find that sought-after Jonathan Adler lampshade.

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2 Responses to Piling On

  1. nighthawk says:

    I applaud your frankness in addressing the changes in your life, and being optimistic about the coming move. You are right, this time will be different as you will have your own home, and can decorate it how you want. The best part will be hanging pictures, and knowing that the holes don’t have to be patched before you get your security deposit back from the landlord! I appreciate being able to do what I want to my homestead, including putting my battery powered led branches behind the open bookcase on the lower level to give light to to a dark corner. Now, if I could just remember to water the houseplants!

    • lillluddite says:

      I am also looking forward to hosting, and entertaining, like a “real adult” in my new home–no post collegiate furniture or IKEA assembly for me. Bring on the semi-homemade offerings, good wine, and good conversation!

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