Striped Shirt Day: Redux

With the weather for the next few days forecast to reach scorching proportions, I decided to take advantage of yesterday evening’s cooler breezes by heading to the free concert  in Faust County Park. The concert, part of Chesterfield’s Concert Series, is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and is an opportunity to enjoy music, people-watch, and just unwind (including reading and sipping wine before the music starts!). The acoustics can’t be beat, and judging by the unobstructed view of the stage that I’ve enjoyed on every occasion, I’ve concluded that there isn’t really any such thing as a bad seat. When the weather cooperates, I make it a point to attend.

The section of the park where the concerts take place opens at 5:15 pm on Tuesdays; people typically come early to stake out spots with blankets and chairs. There are also picnic tables scattered about, which definitely makes for an easier up-and-down. By 6:00 pm the food and drink concessions open for business. Highlights included PM BBQ’s tent a few weeks ago. Last night my mom and I opted to pack a fruit and cheese picnic (along with a crisp sauv blanc) but the food always looks so tempting, and I appreciate the fact that local vendors get this opportunity to showcase themselves (Sarah’s Meltdown, take note.)

Music starts at 7 pm and so far I’ve enjoyed the musical acts, observing how each musician interprets both the standards and newer selections. This gives everyone in the audience something to enjoy and it is always gratifying to see young and old take to the stage and surrounding area and just dance.

In addition to the musical entertainment, each week’s concert usually boasts some variety of strolling entertainment. A couple of weeks ago it was a fire juggler, at this week’s concert a mime worked the audience. One of the audience members was celebrating a birthday and therefore got special attention, including a striped t-shirt. For my part, since I was wearing a striped sweatshirt, I just tried to stay out of the mime’s line of sight.








I look forward to attending these concerts as they provide a much needed weekly escape. Readers: What concerts and outdoor entertainment opportunities do you enjoy when the weather turns warmer?


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One Response to Striped Shirt Day: Redux

  1. nighthawk says:

    With the heat ratcheting up in the triple digits, right now it is difficult for me to think about being outside except for the scurry out for necessities, then in where it is cool. When the temperatures are moderate, I do enjoy the concerts at Faust Park. They are a true jewel in the summer. P.S. I am glad that I got to see the opening fireworks in June, as it looks like with this hot, dry weather many municipalities are cancelling their fireworks show for the 4th of July.

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